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J&DAE Trading Group is your goto for Forex signals, market analysis, and live trading.

We provide live analysis/trading on a weekly basis, and send out trade ideas/signals daily. Here at J&DAE Trading Group, our goal is to help you become your own signal.

The time to learn a life changing skill is now! Your journey starts here. Take the first step today. 

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Refund Policy 

Office/ Customer service hours

Sunday              8am - 10pm EST.

Monday             8am - 10pm EST.

Tuesday            8am - 10pm EST.

Wednesday      8am - 10pm EST.

Thursday           8am - 10pm EST.

Friday                 8am - 5pm EST.

Saturday -         closed

Risk Disclosure: 

J&DAE TRADING Group LLC services is for educational purposes only. As you sign up as a subscriber you agree we are not a financial or investment group and you are deciding to copy our signals at your own risk. Keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results. Membership fee is non-refundable

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